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Engineering is all about creativity, problem solving and novel ideas and the IEEE NSW Education Society is taking the platform to support Women in Engineering Education (WiEE)!

There are many female engineers in universities that are passionate about teaching. Women in engineering education, however, face many challenges in a male dominated profession.

Currently, the “Women in Engineering” committees in IEEE and Engineers Australia are very active and organising programs in an attempt to understand why there is a gender disparity in engineering. The WiEE is in line with aims of these organizations, and is specifically dedicated to female engineers in engineering education. The vision in this Chapter is to create a new stream of activities to support the role females play in engineering education.

The WiEE team consists of:

WiEE Committee Chair - Sudipta Chakraborty

WiEE Committee Vice Chair - Perzila Ara

WiEE Committee Secretary - Azadeh Safari

WiEE Editorial Board - Homa Edalatifard

Vision - Objectives and initiatives of WiEE are to recognize the contribution that females make in engineering education. Our visions are:

1. To value and support the contributions women make in engineering education and celebrate female engineers as an ideal and equal workforce by addressing limiting factors such as gender balance and institutionalised issues

2. To address major concerns women tutors and academic staff face when teaching engineering, and identify challenges that can directly affect and undermine performance

3. Undertaking collaborative education research between local universities in NSW to gain a better understanding of how to support, promote and encourage female engineers.

4. Designing short courses, workshops and distance education for female engineering tutors in light of current trends and respond to national and international opportunities

Get Involved - If you would like to join the WiEE team, please contact Sudipta via the Chapters LinkedIn group