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Do you want to publish a paper on engineering education? To write such a paper, a planned research approach is required. A high quality journal will not accept the - I had an idea, I implemented it, and this is the results approach.

To gain a sound idea of what is required in engineering education research, review the following articles:

The Scholarship of Application

A practical approach to understanding the Scholarship of Application

Increase the relevance of your manuscript


The following is a selection of resources that can help students develop their engineering skills. If you have access to other great resources that you would like to share, please email the chapter chair with details.

Instructional Engineering Videos

An online collection of short videos focussing on understanding a wide range of circuit analysis topics. Link


Engineering Basics

A wide collection of resources aimed at supporting engineering, programming, Excel, MATLAB, and more. Link


Peer reviewed free online learning resources

Have you ever looked for a free resource in engineering to support learning engineering concepts? Have you had trouble finding them or had issues finding quality resources? If that is the case I have the perfect website for you. This website has over a thousand peer reviewed online learning resources. Link


Training Laboratory

An online collection of videos, instruction, and links aimed at the development of practical skills. Link


What is Engineering?

A great YouTube video that cleverly expresses to students, what in fact is engineering. Link

A Chapter LinkedIn group has been launched. This group has been started as an opportunity for IEEE Education Society members to network, collaborate, support each other, ask questions and promote their research. Please invite your friends, peers and colleagues who share our interests to join our group